TV Party Crusades Show

February 17, 1981. Reagan was the new President. Iran had just released its American hostages, and Israel and the PLO had rejected Egypt's peace plan. It was a grim moment and TV Party decided to do something about it. Glenn announced a new Crusade to take back the Holy Land. "There are a lot of old things there," summed up Walter ‘Doc' Steding "that I have discovered are really mine." It was a bitter cold snowy night and the studio audience was a small group of hearty partiers, but the TV Party gang made up for it in merriment. The TV Party Orchestra, featuring Chris Stein (in monk's hood) on harmonium, Lenny Ferrari (dressed as a Knight of the Red Cross) on flute, sorcerer Patrick Geoffrois of the Contortions on slide guitar and Walter Steding on organ, performed punk medieval music, including the Holy Land Funk rap delivered by Fab Five Freddy. Famed DJ Johnny Dynell made a guest appearance as an angel. Glenn, crowned with a pre-cable rabbit ears antenna, performed the first live TV mass orgone transmission, combining the theories of Wilhelm Reich and Marshall Macluhan, and the screen was punctuated by the wry words typed on screen by Jean Michel Basquiat. GLENN O'BRIEN'S TV PARTY produced by GLENN O'BRIEN directed by AMOS POE with GLENN O'BRIEN CHRIS STEIN WALTER STEDING LENNY FERRARI FREDERICK BRATHWAITE PATRICK GEOFFROIS MICKEY CLEAN JOHNNY DYNELL Broadcast live from ETC Studios, February 17, 1981. Re-issue produced by DANNY VINIK.
DVD FEATURES: James Chance & Anya Phillips, Glenn or Marijuana, Tav Falco, The Secret Spy by Walter Steding, Killer Rabbit featuring Deborah Harry