BRINKvision is the last real independent film distributor.

Founded in 2001 by indie pioneer Danny Vinik, as a direct and visceral response to the institutional inequities of the Hollywood distribution system, we have been a key player ever since in both terrestrial and digital independent distribution. Our roster of diverse titles varies from thought provoking docs to critically acclaimed dramas to blood curdling horror films to outstanding micro-budget cinema, all with a single commonality: these are indie films worth watching.

BRINKvision's mission is to acquire films that deserve to be seen, and that is our rallying cry: to give these deserving films a chance. So get on board with us, you won't look back.

Over the years independent cinema has evolved and we have evolved with it. We will continue to adapt to the future of distribution while providing our audience with the best film has to offer.

BRINKvision is your vision, releasing films that you want to see. Be part of the vision.


College in 4 states / Many credits no degree, published novel / Punk Rocker from the Mudd Club to Berlin / Entrepreneurial nature led to runs as a club promoter, film producer and early Cybar creator / Incorporated BRINK 2001 / Produced SPUN 2003, The Last New Yorker 2006, and directed Flor De Muertos 2010 / Married Mary Ann Brazil, 1989 / Rehabs adobe properties / Activist daughter attends Tufts University / Drives 1969 Alfa Romeo / USTA 4.0 tennis player


Has run the film distribution arm of BRINK, (BrinkVision) for last 5 years / Has acquired over 50 films for distribution / On a constant searche for new content / Director of music videos, and short films / Hosts Kung-Fu movie night / loves whiskey, salami, and reruns of Kolchak: The Night Stalker


Believes that if we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves / Can bake 30 minute brownies in under 22 minutes / Private citizen, yet receives fan mail ? Wrestled Guinea Pigs in Argentina and won / Knows that with sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine / If life were a movie, would be the villain / the kind of villain you would root for