Stress Position

Inspired by a flippant remark about the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, filmmaker A.J. Bond made a bet with his close friend, actor David Amito, to see which of them could withstand a week of psychological torture at the hands of the other. What begins as a bizarre and darkly humorous experiment gradually spirals out of control, testing the limits of their friendship.
DVD FEATURES: Director's Commentary, Behind the scene stills, Trailer


Fascinating and thrilling ... a nearly flawless debut feature which jumps head first into psychological terror. There's something darkly methodic, almost evil
- Film Bizarro
Interesting, and disturbing... stylish visual
- OregonLive
An effective fictional thriller...
- Willamette Week
Stress Position is an attractive, inventive, creative film well worth seeing
A deeply disturbing film... If you're looking for a film that is truly psychologically terrifying, this is it.'
- Toronto Film Scene
A film with a lot to say and even more to think about
- Shivers
the film is stylish, chilling at times and very well acted”
- Vancouver Observer
Accomplished, chilling collision between fact and fiction... intelligent, thought-provoking film
- Electric Sheep
Stress Position is taut and blackly comic
There's still so much going on inside Stress Position that your wheels will be spinning for days
- The Georgia Straight
There are some really profound artistic revelations in the movie
- The Province
Avant-Garde Thriller with Guantanamo overtones serves up visceral shocks and astounding, imaginative visuals
- The Film Corner


Torture? Comedy? What's not to like?