TV Party Documentary

From 1978 to 1982 Glenn O'Brien hosted an insane punk rock New York City cable TV show called TV Party. Co-hosted by Chris Stein, from Blondie, and directed by filmmaker Amos Poe, the hour long show took television where it had never gone before: to the edge of civility and "sub-realism" as Glenn would put it. Walter Stedin and his band provided a musical accompaniment to the madness at hand, and many artists and musicians, from Jean-Michael Basquiat to David Byrne to Arto Lindsay were regular guests. It was the cocktail party that could be a political party.
DVD FEATURES: 16 page Booklet, Slideshow, Trailer


An entertaining piece of a time that once was and what still exists
- Ain't It Cool News
Undeniably fascinating... the Avant-garde/punk rock version of “Playboy After Dark"
- Bullz Eye
TV Party was something amazing!
- About Punk Rock


This was directed by our BrinkMedia's founder and president Danny Vinik, and showcases the style and attitude that is BrinkVision and the films we distribute. We also have many of the TV Party episodes available to own on our website.