Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World

Fuzz... the sound that changed the world. The fuzz box: that tiny little box between the electric guitar and the amp that revolutionized rock music...what on earth does it do? Clif Taylor explores this insane industry of noise making, a world populated by guitar slinging super heroes and garage dwelling electronic geeks all sharing the collective obsession of one day creating that perfect sonic wave of limitless distortion. It's a unique subculture of psychedelic noise freaks and vintage distortion connoisseurs, a world of gear oriented Internet chat rooms and completely anarchistic electronic product conventions. From the geeky backyard boutique engineers building prized and instantly collectable clones of terribly scarce vintage psychedelic circuits to professional Wah Wah men, the electronic gurus, capable of pitching that monster tone into a circuit bent chaos, Clif Taylor shows us all of it, all the while, on the hunt for his own perfect tone. Guitar Gods Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton, Jon Spencer, J Mascis, Chris Ross of Wolfmother and other music legends weigh in on their favorite circuits. Where would Jimi Hendrix be without fuzz? Would the sixties psychedelic movement even exist sans fuzz box? This film answers all those questions and more. It is a must see for anyone interested in the nuts, bolts, solder, transistors and true history of rock.
DVD FEATURES: Mike Matthews: EH Workband / Russia, Vintage Collectors & Peddlers, Angie Bowie on Mick Ronson


A fascinating insight and highly entertaining look into the highly secretive and obsessive world of fuzz boxes
- Record Collector
This film will no-doubtedly thrill musicians of all levels, there is still plenty of content to keep non-musicians up to speed
- Girl About Town
Interesting, entertaining
- Pop Matters


BrinkVision loves documentaries, and this film was one of the few films that we produced in house. Its an excellent look at fuzz boxes, the people who make them, and the artists that use them. A must-see for any music fan.