Middle-aged architect Jack(BillFellows) settles into bed one evening, enjoying a chat over the telephone with his actress girlfriend (SineadO'Riordan).The evening ends happily, it would seem, as she tells Jack she'll be returning into town soon and she's decided to accept his invitation to move in with her. With a lucrative hotel contract newly in the bag too, Jack's life appears to be looking very good indeed. But then he decides to get some sleep... When Jack next awakens, he finds himself trapped inside a coffin-typebox. The tiniest smidgeon of light reveals that he has maybe an inch or two of moving space on each side, and a small camera has been fitted into the box's lid, aimed squarely at Jack's panicked face. Jack's screaming subsides momentarily when a distorted voice addresses him from beyond the camera lens. Why is Jack imprisoned in this tiny tomb? The disembodied voice will soon reveal the terrifying reason.