The Ungovernable Force Blu-ray (Limited Edition 100 copies)

Limited Edition Blu-ray 100 copies only. Includes the never before released GAY JESUS and many many more special features that are not on the DVD.

With an all-star cast of horror, b-horror, and punk icons Steve Ignorant from CRASS, Nick Cash from 999, Steve Lake from Zounds, Mensi from Angelic Upstarts, Paul Russo from The Unseen, Tony Moran (Michael Myers in the original "Halloween"), Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon ("Tromeo and Juliet", "#1 Scream Queen of the 90s"). The Ungovernable Force brings you to a world of sex, violence, punk, and schlock and doesn't let you leave! A bunch of punks team up with the local community of bums to defeat a fascist sheriff and his two deputies, all while the resistance's de facto leader Sal Purgatory deals with the trials and tribulations of being a twenty-something year old punk: heartbreak, chronic nightmares, carnivorous bums, rapist cops, unpredictable reactions to drug cocktails, mutants, and working at a sex shop. Sex, violence, and taboo are pitted up against political correctness in this exploitation film that criticizes fascism, police brutality, sexism, classism, racism, homophobia, and, of course, political correctness itself. 'The Ungovernable Force' flips the bird to the status quo and lets the blood-soaked chips fall where they may! Soundtrack features Flux of Pink Indians, Paranoid Visions, The Kids, Raxola, Who Killed Spikey Jacket, Eskorbuto, and more
DVD FEATURES: Gay Jesus feature, Fright Night Doc, Deleted scenes, Commentary, Blooper Reel, How to be a punk, and more!


The Ungovernable Force is a smart film... a film with something for everybody.
- Psycho Drive-In
Great for the collector of old school splatter films... this may be the best anarchist-punk-(s)exploitation-splatter-horror-comedy ever made.
- Beneath The Underground


Why not? Its such a fun movie!