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A Measure of the Sin Limited Edition Combo

A Measure of The Sin DVD, Signed Storybook, Signed Collector's Card, and Signed Poster (Limited to 200) Pre-Order! Ships June 17th!

A Measure of The Sin Storybook (24 pages with a foreword by director Jeff Wedding)

Limited to 200 hand numbered and signed by the author Kristy Nielsen and director Jeff Wedding

Jeff Wedding said “choosing to adapt A Measure of the Sin from Kristy Nielsen’s brilliant fiction to the screen was a simple choice – it was love at first read. Only a few sentences into the story it is described that two women are walking through a town, buckets tied to their waists to collect rainwater. I imagined what this might look like and immediately knew it was a story that had to be told on film and that I was the only director for the job. My connection to Kristy’s words was, as it should be for any filmmaker adapting narrative text, implicit. I picked up on the scent of Kristy’s unconventional sensibilities as a writer and transposed those words into 24 frames per second to create the illusion of motion, fully aware of the risks that would either cripple the film or cause it to flourish. Storybook artwork done by the very talented Greg Bennett.


A Measure of the Sin Collector's Card (double-sided)

Limited to 200 hand numbered and signed by Director Jeff Wedding, Katie Groshong, Starina Johnson, and Dale Rainey

These one of a kind collector's cards have the bear skull image on one side and on the other actresses Starina Johnson and Dale Rainey from the film. Bear Skull image done by the very talented Greg Bennett.

A Measure of The Sin Poster (11x17)

Limited to 200 and signed by Director Jeff Wedding, Katie Groshong, Starina Johnson, and Dale Rainey.

This is the poster that has been proudly displayed at so many festivals around the country for A Measure of the Sin screenings. This is now your chance to own the poster with artwork done by the brilliant Christina Robinson, and signed by the director and actresses from the film.

“A Haunting, Harrowing, Fascinating Piece.”
          —Eric Stanze, FEARnet

“Breathes life into a stagnant genre. ...a bold vision in Arthouse horror”
          —Adam Patterson, Film Pulse

“Unique, unconventional and bold”
          —Paul Webster, London Film Review

“Poetically Ethereal... ”
          —Film Threat

“Highly Recommend... Its brilliant in every way!”
          —Beneath the Underground

“Top 10 directors to watch”

“Dark, visual and haunting”
          —Indy Red

“Best of 2013”
          —Film Bizarro

“Quietly punishing pace culminates in a brutal finale... you most certainly will be moved.”
          —The Conduit Speaks

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