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Charlie Casanova DVD With Playing Card (limited to 200)

This exclusive Charlie Casanova playing card is only being offered through the BrinkVision website, and comes free with a purchase of Charlie Casanova through this special!

Limited to only 200 cards, this card helped determine the fate of several characters in Charlie Casanova. It includes the King's logo on one side(with blood stains), and the alternative movie poster on the back. These cards are expected to sell fast, so get yours today!

A ruling class sociopath kills a working class girl in a hit and run and uses a deck of playing cards to determine their fate. Charlie Casanova is the critically acclaimed, highly controversial film from writer/director Terry McMahon. It's the story of an upper-class genius-level sociopath, Charlie Barnum. Charlie is an educated, fast-talking egotist, who refuses to be bound by the restrictions of morality, law, or even reality. When he kills a girl in a hit-and-run, he determines his fate with a deck of cards.


Bonus Materials:

  • Underground Film Festival Q & A
  • Commentary by Director Terry McMahon
  • 'That Damn Script' Interview With Director Terry McMahon
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Limited Edition
  • Trailer

“Intense... This Movie is Destined to Become A True Classic”
         —Jack Sargeant, Revelation

         —Reel Distraction

         —The Journal

“Dark, Biting Satire”
         —Twitch Film

“A Haunting Performance”
         —Dread Central

“Passionate Fearless Unbelievable”
         —Hot Press

“Breathtaking Fantastic Exceptional Enthralling Captivating”
         —Balcony TV, USA

“A Punishing Experience... Agressively Abrasive”

“A Dark Tale... Chilling Ferocity”
         —Austin Chronicle

“Unique and Intriguing... Downright Disturbing”
         —College Movie Review

“Charlie Casanova Brings The Heat!”
         —CW Austin Star

“Unapologetic... Reckless... Sophisticated and Verbose... Frightening in a Primal Way”
         —Sound on Sight

“Constantly Leaves You on Edge”

         —Irish Times

“Charlie Casanova is Not A Film You Watch And Forget”

“A Clockwork Orange Meets American Psycho... Provocatively Dark, and Satirically Disturbing”
         —Female First

“[It] Oozes a Genuine Anger and Unflinching Passion That Makes It a Very Easy Movie to Admire.”
         —Film Ha Ha

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