Meathead Goes Hog Wild Blu-ray (Limited Edition)

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A young man tries to self-justify that he's a good person, only to spiral into primitive urges, leaving his mark all over Chicago.
DVD FEATURES: Original Short film, Trailer, and Commentary


A psycho-breakdown flick that goes full-tilt violent without losing its odd, almost endearing underlying friendliness
- Hollywood Reporter
A Hidden Gem and one of the year's best!
- Popoptiq
A Masterpiece!
- Unseen Films
Brilliant, Subversive and endlessly enjoyable.. the type of the film that renews my faith in truly independent American Filmmaking
- Cinedelphia
I loved it, I loved the story, the script, the acting, and simplistic it was
- Movie Hooker
A gem of a discovery, and a film that screams in primal rage
- Icons of Fright


Meathead Goes Hog Wild is truly a wild film, done by filmmakers that choose to take filmmaking to the next level. BrinkVision has always supported independent visions, and this film fits perfectly in our roster of exceptional films.