Basement Jack

The lone survivor of a seven-day killing spree by seventeen year "Basement Jack" becomes a target after Jack's release from the institution. For the next eleven years, Karen Cook lived in fear that one day Basement Jack would be released. Then, a court hearing in 2006 found that Jack Riley had not received a fair trial and he was released from a state institution. A year later, murders baring a shocking resemblance to Basement Jack's old MO were occurring around the town of Downer's Grove.
DVD FEATURES: Behind the Scenes, Director and Producer Commentary, Trailer


If you're looking for a well-directed and nice-looking slasher movie with a lot of gore, a high body count and a hot lead in it, Basement Jack is the movie for you.
- Slasher Pool
Basement Jack is an exciting, kick ass old school slasher
- Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies
This is horror back to its old unpredictable self
- The Splatter House


From the people behind Evilution, comes Basement Jack, a slasher film that us at BrinkVision became instant fans. If you love horror, this is a film not to miss.