The Color Out of Space Blu-ray

Limited to only 1000 copies!

Arkham, 1975: Jonathan Davis' father has disappeared. His tracks lead to Germany, to the Swabian-Franconian Forest where he was stationed after the Second World War. Jonathan sets out to find him and bring him home, but deep in the woods he discovers a dark mystery from the past. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's short novel "The Color Out of Space".
DVD FEATURES: (New to Blu-ray: Lovecraft Audiobooks, Dreamlands Trailer), Making of The Color Out of Space, Lost Scene, Science and Horror Featurette, Effects and Concepts Featurette, A Limited Edition Exclusive Newspaper Cover Insert Included


One of the Best and Most Ambitious Lovecraft Adaptations Ever Made
- Twitch Film
So few capture the darkness and sheer feeling of Lovecraft's stories, [they] approached this with a love and attention that paid off in droves
It delves seamlessly between sci-fi and horror... Hollywood could take lessons from this one
- Horror Zone
It's a dark, noisome little gem that will squirm into your subconscious and lay its eggs in your sanity
- Brutal as Hell
Stylish film for Lovecraft fanatics. Lovecraft readers would love it
Awesome Lovecraftian movie! It really surprised me
- Horror Zone
This is as far from SOV cheesiness as possible, this is a real movie and a real story
- Ninja Dixon
I came away impressed... It both surprised and shocked me, which doesn't happen often
- DVD Talk
One of the best film adaptations of HP Lovecraft to ever grace the silver screen
- Cinema Slasher
A very well-executed take on Lovecraft's story... well worth seeking out
- Film Monthly


H.P. Lovecraft is one the greatest storytellers, and this film is one of the Best Adaptions of an H.P. Lovecraft Story put to screen.