TV Party Premier Episode

In 1978 New York City was the scene of a movement called punk or new wave --an explosion of rebel music, underground art and new cinema. Glenn OBrien was in the middle of it, writing his column, Glenn OBriens BEAT, for Andy Warhols Interview Magazine. One night Glenn was a guest on a cable show If I Can’t Dance You Can Keep Your Revolution hosted by Yippie pot advocate Coca Crystal. The next day he was approached by friends and strangers alike who had caught the show. Glenn thought Hmm, people are watching public access cable TV. So he started his own show, Glenn OBriens TV Party. His best pal Chris Stein, Blondies guitarist, became co-host and Walter Steding, Warhols painting assistant, became leader of the TV Party Orchestra. Regulars included Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab Five Freddie, Debborah Harry, John Lurie and Tim Wright of DNA. TV Party was the cocktail party that could become a political party. The rest is TV history. This was the premier show.
DVD FEATURES: John Lurie, "Skylab" - Walter Steding, David Walter McDermott, Kare Simon & Mick Jones, Glenn on sub-realism



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