Loves Her Gun

Loves Her Gun is a romantic tragedy about a young woman who flees violence in New York for the laid back environment in central Texas. Once she settles into Austin she falls into the local gun culture and some of her same worries come back to haunt her.
DVD FEATURES: Directors' Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Trailer


Top 5 From SXSW
- Dallas Morning News
A Stunning Film... Stylish and Captivating
- Slackerwood
Remarkable... A Great Movie
- Ain't It Cool News
It's Hard Not to Be Hooked
- Village Voice
An Essential Film About Women and Violence
- Think Progress
A Naturalistic Portrait of a Woman's Progression From Victim to Aggressor.
- Indie Wire
Most Impressive and Daring
- Los Angeles Review of Books
Speaks Loudly About the Overwhelming Climate of Fear in Our Society
- Smells Like Screen Spirit
Life isn't that Simple, and Neither is This Movie... Intense
- The Horn
Seductive and Atmospheric... The Best!
- Salon


We were very excited to have released director Geoff Marslett's film Mars, that we were very excited to get the opportunity to release his next film, Loves Her Gun. A completely different film, but directed with the same style and precision that makes us